In the song "Someone Like You" by Adele, the speaker attempts to reassure herself that long after the break-up between her and her lover, she will go on and find someone who will replace him in her heart. The song Someone Like You was written by Harry Warren and Ralph Blane and was first recorded and released by Doris Day - Orchestra under the Direction of George Siravo in 1949. All hail investigative journalism! "Someone Like You" is a song written by Northern Irish singer and songwriter Van Morrison and recorded on his seventeenth studio album, Poetic Champions Compose (1987). In the ending theme and Sugar's performance, the second line of the second verse is "Wondering when I'm coming back".When sung by Thu Tran at Aivi & Surasshu's show, the line was "Wondering if I'm coming back". “Someone Like You” was the first song I wrote meant to be on guitar, actually, and I got about halfway through with it and I gave up, just because it was really hurting me while I was writing it. It's one of the most heartbreaking breakup ballads of all time. Is someone there To help me see a world I've never seen before A love to open every door To set me free So I can soar If someone like you Found someone like me Then suddenly Nothing would ever be the same There'd be a new way to live A new life to love If someone like you Found me It … However, in light of the lyrics of the song, there are two major questions that remain. According to Genius, Adele's "Someone Like You," in which she says goodbye to an ex-boyfriend, was "inspired by the broken relationship." That theme inspired most of … The unlikely trajectory of “Reason To Believe”, a song first performed by Hardin on his 1966 debut album Tim Hardin 1, is perhaps most emblematic of his star-crossed career. Adele's 'Someone Like You' became an international success in 2011, and it's up there as one of the best (if a tad depressing) love songs ever written and recorded. Adele has never revealed who her heartbreak hit Someone Like You is about, which she performed at The Brits in 2011, blowing away the crowd. It was covered by Art Lund, John Sheridan's Dream Band featuring Rebecca Kilgore, Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald and other artists. Van Morrison wrote a song called "Someone Like You," but more recently, Adele wrote a song by the same title. Well, sort of: U.K. rag Heat magazine reports that the identity of Adele's ex-boyfriend-- you know, the "older" dude responsible for inspiring "Rolling in the Deep," "Someone Like You" and one of the best-selling records of all time -- has been revealed.And drumroll… it's 31-year-old photographer Alex Sturrock! Lyrical differences. ; In the official soundtrack version, the brief distorted verse before "I always thought I might be bad" doubles in length and contains one more "Like you".

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