1.Chromium hologram. We came to know that it is illegal to use IND Number plates, But Bangalore City Traffic police are charging fine saying we have to install IND number plate… Once all the numbers from this range are assigned. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Furniture, Electronics, Mobiles, Services, Cars, Bikes & PGs. We are Manufactures Ind Number Plates In India.Our Ind Number Plates are high Quality . 2.A retro-reflective film, bearing a verification inscription ’India’ at 45 degree inclination. Ind number plates have specific dimension like width thickness. IND High Security Number Plates (HSNP) feature alpha-numeric identification of testing agency and manufacturer. You have reached the max. According to their Website they say that by 31 May,2007 all cars in delhi have to get High Security Number Plates. Euro Number Plate. Bengaluru, Karnataka How to Apply for HSRB High-Security Number Plate Online Step 1: Visit the official website of HSRB Booking @ www.bookmyhsrp.com (For Delhi), As Per you State Step 2: Select a Private Vehicle/Commercial Vehicle. See the most common and preferred option for we Indians to get the number plate is from market of any design,quality and else. Ind Number Plates We are Manufactures Ind Number Plates In India.Our Ind Number Plates are high Quality . 5.In case of rear registration plate, same to be fitted with a non-reusable snap lock to make it tamper proof. The delivery also was quick enough amd product was delivered a day before tge estimated date. limit of 20". - Vehicle owner to go to Transport Office department designated (which is the RTO Office) - Submit copy of ID Proof, Address Proof, Insurance, Retail Invoice (if a new car) along with fees and take receipt acknowledgement - An appointment time is generally issued at time of acknowledgement when the individual can come to RTO for affixation of HSRP The security licence plate including third registration mark, wherever necessary, shall be supplied by vehicle manufacturers along with all the vehicles manufactured on … Go to the local number plate maker shops all over town, select the type you want and the font and if it ain’t the embossed IND plate then u should have it done in 15 minutes at around the same cost or lesser. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. 30 days ago. Show Number Plate. Media reports say otherwise. Many people think this is a type of scam, so do not choose to go for HSNP. German Number Plate. The number plates are placed in the front and back of the vehicle. ( Log Out /  Recent Products. As per Central Motor Vehicle Rules 50 and 51, it is a number plate which will have a hologram of the Ashoka Chakra (with the four lions), IND written in bold blue colour on the extreme left centre of the plate and the PCIN (permanent consecutive identification number).This will be laser-edged on the number plate. Change ). Arts N Prints - Offering IND Number Plates, टू व्हीलर नंबर प्लेट, दो पहिया गाड़ी की नंबर प्लेट at Rs 700/set in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Go … IND car number plate manufacturers in Bangalore door delivery across India. 5 Results on 8 January, 2020 . We have lot of customer in Bangalore.With in three hour we deliver Ind High Security Number plates any where in Bangalore.We are giving best price in Bangalore.Ind number plates is completely launched in Goa Delhi. 7.In front and rear registration plates, letter IND in blue color is hot stamped. Special number plates, or lucky numbers, or VIP numbers, can be obtained through auctions at your respective RTOs. Copyright © 2008 - 2021 Quikr India Private Limited, Thank you for expressing your interest in a Quikr Refurbished Bike! 4,000 . Apart from these main types of vehicle number plates, there are others which are unique to the military or the President of India or Governors of the states in the country. Process to get new mandatory number plates, colour-coded stickers for vehicles simplified "This has cut down the steps from 12 to only six and thus reduced time taken while applying for HSRP and colour-coded sticker," said the spokesperson of Rosmerta Safety Systems. The next 4 digits on a number plate are the vehicle registration number assigned to a vehicle. Vehicle Registration Process In India: These numbers generally fall in the range of 0001 to 9999. Format For Vehicle Registration Number Plates In India: Vehicle number plates for motorised two-wheelers and private cars should have black letters on a white background (Example: KA-03-HA-1985). Also called as High Security Registration Number, HSNP has been introduced already by Delhi, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad. Spanish Number Plate. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Number plates are replacing the traditional number plating systems which are found to be less secured for the vehicles. 5 results for "ind number plate" in QuikrCars, Bangalore. Do I need to pay the road tax in Bihar also as I have IND number plate issued by RTO Electronic city, Bangalore,Karnataka and LTT paid there with a valid receipt ?

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