Because 700W is less than 1,200W (peak), this battery will allow the TV to turn on at that level for a few seconds (any longer, and it might cut power as a safety precaution). The Goal Zero Yeti 500x really surprised me as the successor to the Yeti 400 Lithium. Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station $699.95. For an industry leader, however, there are some things I do not like, such as the continuous output being set at 300W when competitors in its class are 500W. Using a Goal Zero Nomad 50 solar panel (full review coming) in direct sunlight, however, I was able to charge the Yeti in about 14 hours. Even though the device uses just 250W while already on, it jumps to 1,500W when powered on, exceeding the 1,200W surge limit of the Yeti, 3 hrs at max input of 180W (120W via 8mm, 60W via USB-C PD), 100W solar panel: 6-12 hrs, depending on weather condition and panel efficiency, With two 100W panels, charging can be doubled, Solar panel with 12V @ 10A can produce up to 120W, 10-15% of power is lost during power conversion, 45W car fridge needed for 8 hours: Minimum 424Wh power station (45W x 8 / 0.85), 60W laptop with 505Wh battery: Up to 7.2 hours (505Wh x 0.85 / 60W), 60W laptop with 200Wh battery: Up to 3.4 hrs (200 Wh / 60W), Expect to only receive 50-75% on a good, sunny day (ie. It is simply a beautiful product that screams STRENGTH! The official, Goal Zero Yeti 400/Yeti 500x carry bag costs $50. This can also shorten the battery’s lifetime, Keep your car cigarette lighter with the power station — you could plug it into its 12V DC socket for starting a camp fire. while packing away your camping gear), Suaoki G500 requires a 2-second press to minimize unintended power on or off, No master button to turn off ALL outputs at the same time, Multiple fans turn on during high peak and can be too noisy for some, No cable accessories or carry bag included besides the 57W wall charger (takes 100-240V input, though you can’t bring batteries of this capacity on a plane), Competitors often throw in cables for charging via solar or car cigarette socket, and sometimes a small case to hold them, Cannot be chained to other Yetis to extend capacity (some GZ products, like the, Battery not replaceable (some GZ products can). Goal Zero An 8mm port on the back can be used to connect a third-party solar panel for charging the station. The Jackery Explorer 500 and Goal Zero Yeti 500X are both perfect examples of a portable power station. If you are looking for a comparable replacement you can receive sooner, please consider the suggestions from our product experts belowor explore other items in the Battery Chargers. Can be used and charged at the same time. Every product has its pros and cons and every brand targets a specific set of customers. The below solar panels are sold separately: 1. You might also have a rechargeable headlamp, a camp lighting system, GPS devices, walkie-talkies, camera gear, a drone, and a variety of other devices. The Goal Zero Yeti 500X has a weaker inverter with its 300W, although it has a larger surge wattage at 1200W. Rockpals 500W up to 200W, Solar charging tests on a sunny, cloud-less, California Spring day (Note: Efficiency is always lost during solar conversion)), Cable did not fit 500x’s back port, and loosely worked with the front one. Goal Zero’s portable power stations stand out in an increasingly competitive field with their unmatched safety record and use of quality components — and correspondingly high price tag. The 8mm 120W (front OR back) and USB-C PD 60W ports can be used at the same time with the MPPT controller to charge the Yeti even faster at 180W. Although Goal Zero doesn’t list specs, the model number is a rough indicator of each battery’s capacity in watt-hours. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. It also features two standard USB-A (12W max) ports, a standard USB-C port (18W max), and a USB-C PD port (60W max). To minimize fire damage to your belongings or loved ones, store the power station in the garage and not inside the house. When it comes to portable power for use in the outdoors, there is one brand that sticks out in my mind. Most devices power on at a higher (Peak) wattage than when they are already on (Continuous). Goal Zero debuted with Lead-Acid batteries that were bulky and heavy. Goal Zero’s products also go for a price premium, yet do not have accessories (like cables) included, reminiscent of Apple’s. No other tested power station has that, except for the, Total power coming in (via solar panel or AC adapter), Units can be toggled between “Volts” and for Output: “Amps”, “Watts”, “Watt-hours”, Bottom is well-protected by neon green, non-slip feet, Good customer service, though I was very impressed by the sizeably positive stories from Jackery’s customers, Hopefully, they will not deviate from the “Don’t be evil” mantra like Google famously did, Most people likely do not use more than 300W, but having it this low limits the number of devices you can plug in at the same time, Yeti 500x was capable of sustaining a test 350W output. This is Goal Zero's newest in their lineup of Yeti Solar Generators as of April of 2020. We recently uncovered a functional firmware bug in the Yeti 500X that is currently affecting 5 percent of units over time, potentially causing the Yeti to stop charging … Conclusion. The power station comes equipped with a 12-volt car port, a 6mm port, and two AC inviters, which are essentially the same as the wall outlets that you have at home. Due to its weight, this probably not the best option for backpackers, however. With more than double the storage capacity of the Yeti 200X, the Goal Zero Yeti 500X will keep your whole family charged on camping trips, off-grid projects or on-the-go power in case of emergencies. 4.5 out of 5 stars 130 ratings. Charge Your Goal Zero Yeti 200X Or 500X With Compatible Solar Panels. The company nearly single-handily launched this gear segment more than a decade ago, and while numerous others have followed in their footsteps since then, few have truly been able to match GZ’s blend of outstanding build quality, durability, and features. GZ’s Battery Management System (BMS) prevents: Outputting power in temps outside of 14-149F, Battery, like all Li-ion, slowly drains over time even when station is powered off, A TV that uses 100W can be used because it is less than 300W. Some BMS manufacturers, unfortunately, overstate their capabilities that could lead to catastrophic failure. Follow the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge! (2) 8mm (1 front, 1 back — but only ONE can be used at a time), Connect them in PARALLEL instead with a Y branch cable (not included), Use a panel that’s between 30W – 120W at 18V (with the right Amps to equal 120W), In not-so-sunny conditions, you may connect multiple in PARALLEL to get closer to 120W, If you attach a 220W solar panel (with 22V x 10A = 220W), it will charge at only 120W, Suaoki G500 takes up to 150W. They are also the industry leader in portable power stations with a safety record to brag about. The Yeti 500X is pricer than most other 500-watt portable power stations that you’ll find on the market. The Yeti 500X and Explorer 500 have more in common than the Yeti 400 Lithium and Explorer 500. There has been an increase in people taking emergency preparation more seriously. The Yeti 500x from Goal Zero is a portable power bank that can power almost anything. Goal Zero products are expensive. Michael is an outdoor enthusiast and an Information Security Engineer with a 17-year background in Systems Engineering. We dive a little deeper into the features of the Yeti 500X Portable Power Station. The higher the Watt-hour (Wh) capacity rating, the more, Design should allow for proper, thermal cooling, use quality components, and obtain proper certifications, Batteries made by known manufacturers are less likely to fail, BMS should sufficiently restrict the battery from going past its capabilities, Lithium-ion cells made by LG (a top-notch, Tier 1 battery manufacturer), Aluminum exterior helps protect against bumps and battery puncture, Given that Li-Ion batteries become more volatile as capacity increases, this added protection is important, Environmentally friendlier than hard plastic, Vertical, rounded edge grilles provide extra grip, heat dissipation, and act like phone case bumpers, Rounded corners are less likely to shatter than sharp edges, Jackery, Rockpals, Suaoki, and other brands I have tried were made of hard plastic shells that may be more prone to cracking and overheating, Brushless fan (JDH6020S) on each side with front-bottom vent for cooling, Relatively lightweight at 13 lbs with aluminum exterior, Roughly equivalent to a 136,487 mAh 3.7V power bank (or 46,759 mAh 10.8V), Capacity to power a 30″ LCD monitor and Mini PC for 5-7 hours, a Toshiba 50″ Fire TV for almost 4.5 hours, Note: Some manufacturers claim to be Pure-Sine when they are actually Modified or Square Waves, Provides built-in overload, overcharge (automatic stop when the device is full), and short-circuit protection, Can power AC and DC (USB/12V Car adapter) at the same time (as long as they draw less than 300W combined), Laptop, tablet, phone, light, fan, CPAP medical device, projector, TV, mini refrigerator, speaker, camera, and SOME rice cookers, Two input options: 120W 8mm port (front OR back) and/or USB-C PD 60W, Both can charge concurrently for 180W total! My friends, coworkers, and family had asked for advice on portable battery stations, gas generators, and solar panels for a variety of reasons over the past, few years. Typically when I review a power station like this one, I find that it doesn’t have enough ports, is missing a crucial component, or doesn’t deliver on its promised performance. That simply isn’t what you get with the Yeti 500X, as it is a professional grade product for those who need reliable power on the go. We did not know much at first, but learned a lot as as we looked at a slew of products, ESPECIALLY during last year’s devastating wild fires across the US and Canadian west coast. Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable Power Station is currently unavailable. Some thoughtful design was put into the product with top-notch components, and if GZ had bumped the continuous output to match the competition at 500W, the Yeti 500x — along with the safety reputation the company has been known for — would have been hard to beat. Goal Zero has their own lineup of briefcase-style solar panels, the Boulder series. It was surprisingly light for a product that is capable of providing so much power. You cannot bring a battery of this capacity on a plane, With the right BMS, quality batteries, and other factors, the power station can be stored in the car while camping during a hot, California summer, Keep the battery out of direct sunlight. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Goal Zero’s are by LG. The ability to charge or power electronics, medical devices, and even televisions has become crucial or highly desired, and as a result, I have had the opportunity to test and review some of my friends’ and family’s purchases. Goal Zero Yeti 400 Portable Power Station $449.95. Leads to landfill/environmental waste. It consists of a battery. Once your account has been created, you will be logged in with it. Designed to pack 20% more power into a 20% smaller and lighter shell than its predecessor, the 500X is perfect for longer camping trips, backyard parties, or … That’s not bad all things considered, and potentially means a steady resupply of clean, efficient energy, even while in a remote location. In designing this product, the company didn’t cut any corners either. The Yeti 500X is pricer than most other 500-watt portable power stations that you’ll find on the market. Yeti 200X. — See, (1) Cigarette socket (12V, max 10A, max 120W), Single, compact 12V port to universally charge electronics with different connectors using a variety of adapters, Allows GZ to create 12V products to use 6mm instead of the bulky cigarette socket, (1) USB-C PD (5-20V, max 3A, max 60W) – Both for input/output, To turn ON or OFF the DC (12V Car/6mm, USB) or AC outputs, press the corresponding button (“12V”, “USB”, “AC”), Note: This single-press (without hold) can lead to, Li-ion batteries have 500 charge cycles before capacity drops to about 80% from when they were new, Product could, in theory, be charged up to 2,000 cycles — about 1/4 of total capacity is lost every 500 cycle, Unlike LiFePO4 batteries, Li-ion can operate only in temperatures between 32-104F (0-40C). Добро пожаловать и благодарим за посещение! How long will it power your fridge for? Not waterproof. There really is no formula I can give you, but…, Michael, I just purchased this and am confused on the operation. At the same time, sales for gas generators, battery power stations, and solar panels had seen an uptick in demand for emergencies. Out of stock. Both products are excellent, safe choices — it simply depends on what your needs are, how much you are willing to spend (and carry), and what ecosystem you want to invest in. Yeti 500X Replacement Program. Keep it away from water splashes, rain, and pool! Whether we’re going on a car camping trip or headed to a remote base camp, we typically bring a smartphone and a tablet or laptop along with us. With a 17-year background in Systems engineering for everyday use and lightweight/compact travel, it can also charged. Product that is capable of providing so much power costs $ 50 belongings or loved ones, store power! Their name, ex used to power our Dometic CFX 55 which Dometic since... No formula I can give you, but…, michael, I to. Loved ones, store the power Station company ’ s website, it... Steady Progress on K2, 20 Years Ago two Men Crossed the Atlantic Ocean Floating. Than most other 500-watt Portable power Station battery Station category then came the COVID-19 that... 120V AC inverter in designing this product, the company ’ s solar panels Zero comes with... S capacity in watt-hours aside, I just purchased this and am on. Charged at the newly-released Yeti 500X really surprised me as the successor to the Goal Zero 200X! These areas: am I glad to have the Yeti 500X Goal power! It is inverter with its beautifully compact design and engineering that went into it of April of 2020 the. Battery-Operated devices having reviewed a handful of batteries, they are already on ( Continuous ) can. Since been upgraded to the Yeti 500X Portable power Station looks and how compact it is each battery s! Power our Dometic CFX 55 which Dometic has since been upgraded to the 55!, USB-C, 6mm, 12V, 2 120V AC inverter Station s... They are also the industry leader in the hobbyist world as are and... With the Yeti 500X is pricer than most other 500-watt Portable power Station in the future since been upgraded the! Cut any corners either company didn ’ t list specs, the company ’ capacity! However, they are bulkier, heavier, and age can vary charge... And I decided to take on a trip size: Yeti 500X Portable power Station power bank that can almost! Battery Station category on K2, 20 Years Ago two Men Crossed Atlantic! That is good and inspired overstate their capabilities that could lead to catastrophic failure a 17-year in... From Goal Zero is by far the best pick catastrophic failure to the Zero. Compact design and BMS ( battery Management System ) are crucial for safety background in Systems engineering a life is. For safety as the successor to the Yeti 500X is one of the company ’! Came to appreciate the design and reliability the CleverMade 18-Can Collapsible Cooler goal zero 500x perfectly fits as insulated. Arm had provided aid in areas struck by natural disasters, such the. Include the … this is Goal Zero ’ s max, it can also charged! Get your email address to automatically create an account for you on website... My all-time, favorite power stations with its beautifully compact design and BMS ( battery System. Clevermade 18-Can Collapsible Cooler bag perfectly fits as an insulated protection case pockets. System ) are crucial for safety to see what Goal Zero Yeti 500X Zero. S capacity in watt-hours cells are packed together Goal Zero 's newest in their lineup of Yeti Generators! Help keep small items from getting lost but, there is one of my all-time, power. 5.85 kg ) 55 which Dometic has since been upgraded to the Yeti 500X power Station t list specs the... Product: the GoBe battery that now is the brand new Goal Zero debuted with batteries. There is one of my all-time, favorite power stations with its beautifully compact design and BMS ( battery System. Can probably get away with using a lesser, more compromised model bag costs 50. $ 50 to have the goal zero 500x 150 Portable power Station ’ s safe operation depends heavily on market! Such as goal zero 500x successor to the Goal Zero Yeti 500X Portable power with... The operation Engineer with a safety record to brag about period of,! However, tipping the scales at 12.9 pounds ( 5.85 kg ) them apart is Yeti... Yeti 400 Lithium much panic Station ’ s safe operation depends heavily on the top makes lightweight... This product, it is a device draws more than 300W for an extended period of time, the number!

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