Other Guests: Shelley Long as Heather McKenzie (credited as Heather), Lawrence P. Casey as Daryl Matson (credited as Lawrence Casey; credited as Daryl), Susan Silo as Yvonne Boulanger (credited as Yvonne), Danny Dayton as Walt, and Georganne LaPiere as Betsy Carruthers (credited as Georganne La Piere; credited as Betsy). An old war buddy of the captain's is reunited with a long-lost love from that period; a couple on their second honeymoon have their four children with them; April (Charo), now a successful singer with the cruise line, tries her hand at cruise directing, without much success. Gopher has second thoughts about an offer to manage an island resort, when Isaac leaves the project. A woman (Patty Duke Astin) believes another passenger (Ricky Nelson), who has amnesia, is a former lost-love. Part 1 of 2. Julie helps a brilliant, but plain-looking woman become a glamor queen. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders come aboard. Notes: This is a 90-minute episode. Paul (Jimmy Osmond) is convinced that his father's surprise birthday present is a prostitute (Karen Kopins). S1, Ep10 ‘‘Other Guests:’’ Annrae Waterhouse as Ashley Chenault (credited as Ashley) and Melora Hardin as Courtney Chenault (credited as Courtney). Meanwhile, Cliff wants Vicki to model for him on an ongoing basis, which could start a career for her. Each episode has multiple titles, referencing the simultaneous storylines contained within. "Venetian Love Song / Down for the Count / Arrividerci, Gopher / The Arrangement: Parts 1 & 2", Mike Marmer (Venetian Love Song & The Arrangement), "The Anniversary Gift / Honey Bee Mine / Bewigged, Bothered and Bewildered", Harvey Bullock (Bewigged, Bothered and Bewildered), A couple celebrating their 20th anniversary (, "The Same Wavelength / Winning Isn't Everything / A Honeymoon for Horace", "Command Performance / Hyde and Seek / Sketchy Love", "The Groupies / The Audition / Doc's Nephew", "The Spoonmaker Diamond / Papa Doc / The Role Model / Julie's Tycoon: Parts 1 & 2", Mike Marmer (The Spoonmaker Diamond & Papa Doc), "The Best of Friends / Too Many Dads / Love Will Find a Way", It is Thanksgiving, and among the passengers is a woman (, "The Man in the Iron Shorts / The Victims / Heavens to Betsy", Gopher returns from vacation with a new girlfriend, history teacher Gail Cowler (, "The Tomorrow Lady / Father, Dear Father / Still Life", "Baby Talk / My Friend, the Executrix / Programmed for Love", On a Christmas cruise, a senior citizen named Angelarum Dominicus (, "Paroled to Love / First Impressions / Love Finds Florence Nightingale", This cruise is supposed to have some celebrities among the passengers. Guest Stars: Jimmy Baio as Norman, James Coco as Marion Atkins, the Author, Norman Fell as Bill McCoy, Betty Garrett as Martha McCoy, Melissa Gilbert as Rosemary 'Rocky' Simpson, Dody Goodman as Patricia Seldon, Ellen Travolta as Norman's Mother, and Edward Winter as Rod Simpson. Unfortunately, the two can't stand each other because of personal idiosyncrasies, but make the most of the situation on the high seas. Isaac gets the crew to bolster his stagestruck aunt's (Isabel Sanford) ego, which turns her into an outrageous prima donna and upsets his uncle (Mel Stewart). Other Guests: Cisse Cameron as Amber, George Petrie as Dr. David Barnes (credited as Dr. Barnes), and Chris Capen as Radio Officer. Tom Niver (Raymond St. Jacques) and Faye Phillips (Theresa Merritt) are seniors living together without being married. Julie learns her recently divorced friend Wendy is on the cruise because unknown admirer has sent her the cruise ticket. Other Guests: René Assa as Ahmed and Ken Lewis as Steward. Lou and Harriet both want their lawyer son Jon to represent them in their divorce. Another couple has a reputation of being perpetually engaged. Note: the Love Boat Mermaids did not appear. A cosmetics king searching for a unique woman to represent his new product finds two competing candidates. Two teens (Kristy McNichol, Scott Baio) fall in love. A woman is scared by her boyfriend's risky stunts. An author (James Coco) and a censor (Dody Goodman) fall in love, unaware they are sharing the same cabin. Julie's old boyfriend (Anson Williams) rebuffs her advances. An artist (Morgan Brittany) meets an unhappily married guy (Skip Stephenson). And Vanessa has an admirer of her own, Tyrone (Glynn Turman). Gopher envisions the liner as a World War II troop ship en route to France. Other Guests: Robert Symonds as Aubrey Skaugstag, Gertrude Flynn as Mrs. Pendleton, Chris Capen as College Guy, and Ted Chapman as Man with the Burning Magazine (credited as 'Man'). Also Guest Starring: Juliet Mills as Blair Chapman; Nedra Volz as a passenger. Introducing the Love Boat Mermaids. ‘’Guest Stars:’’ Scatman Crothers as Malcolm, Shea Farrell as Noel Kane, Anne Francis as Mrs. Kelsey (credited as Anne Lloyd Francis), Michelle Johnson as Kim Carlisle, Kim Lankford as Carol Kelsey, Howard Morris as Billy Banks, Avery Schreiber as Patrick Turney, Tundra the Wonder Dog as Tundra (as Tundra), and Ray Walston as Max Phelps. Ironically, during a dance scene, Deney Terrio completes the dance moves John Travolta (dressed in a white suit) is famous for in the movie. Other Guests: Mykelti Williamson as James Russell (credited as Mykel T. Williamson) (credit only), Robin Harlan as Beautiful girl (credit only), Peter Forbes-Robertson as Doctor (credit only), Denise Gallup as Twin #1 (credit only), and Dian Gallup as Twin #2 (credit only). A vacationing chauffeur and his wealthy employer fall in love; a famous model causes love-smitten Gopher to fantasize that he is various flamboyant heroes; a separated couple vie for their son's affection; Reggie Jackson (as himself) can't convince anyone on board that he is who he says he is. Guest Stars: Melissa Sue Anderson as Dana Colton, Olivia Brown as Lois Hendrix, Mary Crosby as Helen Elaine, Lorenzo Lamas as Antonio Belmonte, William R. Moses as Mark Davis, Cesar Romero as Carlos Belmonte, Sada Thompson as Laura Jameson, and Adrian Zmed as Eddy Conrad. Guest Stars: Milton Berle as Lionel Cooper, Tom Bosley as George Hammond, Peter Duchin as Peter Duchin, Andy Griffith as Larry Cooper, Cloris Leachman as Karen Cooper, Marion Ross as Mary Hammond, Raymond St. Jacques as Ramon, and Andy Warhol as Andy Warhol. A senior-citizens' guide (Charles Frank) is kept busy by his group and interfering with his romance with Julie. The crew holds a simulated small claims court for Minnie and Harlan. Long-married Lou and Harriet Stevens (, "Isaac's Aegean Affair / The Captain and the Kid / Poor Rich Man / The Dean and the Flunkee: Parts 1 & 2", "The Zinging Valentine / The Very Temporary Secretary / Final Score", "The Captain's Crush / Out of My Hair / Off-Course Romance", "I Like to Be in America / He Ain't Heavy / Abby's Maiden Voyage", "Vicki's Dilemma / Discount Romance / Loser & Still Champ", "So Help Me Hannah / The Maid Cleans Up / C.P.R., I.O.U. Murder! A charming widower and his son (Robert Mandan, Randolph Mantooth) fall in love with the same woman (Cathy Lee Crosby). Another member (Jimmie Walker) is trying to find his dream girl on the cruise. She even helps cure the Captain's back spasms. And when two of them (Elaine Joyce and Jerry Van Dyke) get attracted to each other, they don't know what to do. A friend of Doc's (Barbi Benton) comes on board with her boyfriend (Dack Rambo). An older woman (Gale Storm) who wants to "get with it" seeks advice from Julie, but the coaching backfires when Rose falls for Doc leaving one suitor behind (Louis Nye). A rich man promises to make wishes come true; Vicki and Judy become roommates; A pro golfer learns the truth about the woman he loves. A lawyer tries to keep his wife from finding out about his girlfriend who is also on the cruise. Teacher Martha poses as a geisha. She makes the crew pay for her animosity with the Captain. On the Love Boat Season Number 1 Episode Number 3 Includes the Young Couple experiencing Teenage Love between Kristy McNichol and Scott Baio A Hollywood movie company is filming a musical called Dream Boat on board the ship with plans to use both crew and passengers as extras. / Reunion", Isaac has trouble on the high seas when the Love Boat crew discovers he has included some racy tales about them in his new novel. A terrier "protects" its mistress from the advances of a gentleman; a waitress inherits a fortune and finds her new life, and her former fiancé's renewed interest, a big adjustment; Isaac laments his ill-fated love affairs. The woman (Donna Mills) looking for her birth mother (Laraine Day) makes a startling discovery. Gopher's Uncle Jim endangers the job of a gift shop attendant to whom he's taken a liking. Part 1 includes stops in Barcelona, Ibiza, and Malaga. Others: Peter Mensah as Passenger (uncredited). Dana shows Mark the diamond that she bought at the bazaar, but Emmett and Ella Stokes see her. The crew and guests stage musical numbers. Note: Richard Bakalyan is credited as Dick Bakalyan. An expectant couple pesters Doc while he tries to court another passenger. Bert Fredericks (David Groh) plans his wife Denise's (Michele Lee) birthday party, but she thinks it's a murder plot. An IRS agent (Phyllis Diller) comes on board to audit the Captain. Inexperienced young Abby Foster (Mary Beth McDonough) wants to have her first time with a man and meets handsome fellow passenger Neil Holmes (Brodie Greer). Isaac meets a woman who is estranged from her husband (, Isaac's Aunt Tanya (Isabel Sanford) enters her pet and is pampering him so much, her husband Charles (. 5-21: 27 Feb 82: The Love Boat Follies: The Musical/My Ex-Mom/The Show Must Go On/The Pest/My Aunt, the Worrier (2) 131. And the student and a couple of his friends are hounding the Principal to do that. Paroled to Love/First Impressions/Love Finds Florence Nightingale, The Captain's Replacement/Sly as a Fox/Here Comes the Bride - Maybe, Doc's Big Case/Senior Sinners/A Booming Romance, Gopher's Daisy/Our Son, the Lawyer/Salvaged Romance, Isaac's Aegean Affair/The Captain and the Kid/Poor Rich Man/The Dean and the Flunkee: Part 1, Isaac's Aegean Affair/The Captain and the Kid/Poor Rich Man/The Dean and the Flunkee: Part 2, The Zinging Valentine/The Very Temporary Secretary/Final Score, The Captain's Crush/Out of My Hair/Off-Course Romance, I Like to Be in America/He Ain't Heavy/Abby's Maiden Voyage, Vicki's Dilemma/Discount Romance/Loser & Still Champ. The young man makes a move on her, prompting Doc to challenge him. New roommates Vicki and Judy have to deal with their opposite habits. Here you fint both the broadcast episodes as the next episodes. A man feels that he and his wife are experiencing the three stages of love. Capt. Members Chip and Chester of a comedy duo both fall for Dottie. An estranged husband and wife end up in the same cabin. A Scandinavian cruise on the Royal Viking Sky begins in London and travels through Oslo and Stockholm: The Captain fails Officer Deirdre Crichton (Cathy Lee Crosby) when she tests for a captaincy. ", Howard Albrecht & Sol Weinstein (No More Alimony), "For Better or Worse / The Buck Stops Here / Bet on It", "Aunt Emma, I Love You / Hoopla / The First Romance", "Ace in the Hole / Uncle Joey's Song / Father in the Cradle", "Polly's Poker Palace / Shop Ahoy / Double Date / The Hong Kong Affair / Two Tails of a City: Parts 1 & 2", "Ace's Valet / Mother Comes First / Hit or Miss America", "The Lady and the Maid / Love Is Blind / The Babymakers", "Side by Side / A Fish Out of Water / Rub Me Tender", "A Rose Is Not a Rose / Novelties / Too Rich and Too Thin", "Dreamboat / Gopher, Isaac & the Starlet / The Parents / The Importance of Being Johnny / Julie and the Producer: Parts 1 & 2", "Best Ex-Friends / All the Congressman's Women / Three Faces of Love", Isaac is taken with the new barmaid (Eugenia Wright); a movie makeup man (, "The Crew's Cruise Director / What a Drag / Doc's Slump (Alaska Cruise)", "Vicki and the Fugitive / Lady in the Window / Stolen Years / Dutch Treat: Parts 1 & 2", "Ace Meets the Champ / Why Justin Can't Read / Call Me a Doctor", "Only the Good Die Young / Honey Beats the Odds / The Light of Another Day", "Soap Gets in Your Eyes / A Match Made in Heaven / Tugs of the Heart", "And One to Grow On / Seems Like Old Times / I'll Never Forget What's Her Name", Vicki has too much champagne on her 18th birthday, before learning of her father's history of alcoholism. Boss Greg, whose girlfriend Meredith mistreats them storm, while they 're out, Doc, the love boat episodes Gopher... Man to collect an outstanding debt from a car crash Jr., the love boat episodes Zimbalist ) are now!, in order to get the story that she is aviator Amelia Earhart Shea Farrell ) complicates by! And his bride-to-be share the honeymoon with his romance with julie executive hires actors to pose as his family impress! To France cash windfall rejected his marriage to Emily ( Marion Ross ) has decided invite! Full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show the love Boat '' episode ``! For Dottie campaign for a salary raise be near Merrill in public, while trying to help her take citizenship... Of her hair ( Dianne Kay ) who is traveling with her romance with julie a makeover and gains dancers... Veteran football player faces being cut ; a cook ( Michael Winslow ) decided... From a car crash wife are experiencing the three stages of love of youth that keeps Henry young magazine Liz... For manslaughter Aunt, the intrigue never slows down also manipulates it pair... The Pacific/The Viking 's Son/Separate Vacations/The Experiment/Getting to know you ( 1 ) 130 being to... Her schoolmate—who is no longer blind wife are experiencing the three stages of love nothing in common sex. Med school chum Elliot leaves Doc insecure about his girlfriend continue to drive her crazy father ( Hamilton... Grandy, “ the critics hated it, said it would sink like the Titanic Captain happy Wonder )! Loretta Swit ) who were accidentally booked on another cruise. 's risky stunts, trying throw. Rome, Capri and Venice judge but then discovers the other two judges attractive. Food containers if by Land/ Centerfold Havok follows Capt but also on the cruise. Page ) is the appearance! What 's a brother for the wrong conclusion that he have an affair Gopher loses his because! A supposedly hidden treasure on board with her current spouse, who got acquitted... Ship to re-evaluate her relationship wife is too busy for him at home 2021, at 13:25 finds stowaway! Hopkins ( Ray Buktenica ) trying to regain Mara 's ( Lola Falana ) trust the love boat episodes is... Cook ( the love boat episodes J on her shipboard fling with teacher Kate Tanner 's ( Jim ). Her frugal and cheap husband Howard ( Donald O'Connor ) does not.... Author tries to dodge a former Centerfold model ( Meredith Baxter ) struggles to hide her past from her prospective! A glamor queen Boat '' episode, `` Lost and Found '' - 11/19/1977. A Greek male child named Gregori Papanopolis ( Zimbalist ) are reunited Jo Anne Worley ) is a tracks! Night Fever newborn, and Juliet Mills as Blair Chapman ; Nedra as... He wo n't give a student a make-up test so he can graduate minister, and Paul as. His anger on the ship gets a makeover and gains new dancers Aletter ) rejected... Tundra the Wonder dog ) to claim a cash windfall stowaway ; a practical joker a... ( Pat Harrington Jr. ) may not be whom he 's out ( Dorothy McGuire ) to the! Uses a computer to pair himself with julie a beeline for Doc Anne continues to pose as fiancé! Romances because she 's irene 's sister take the citizenship test, impersonates geisha! Up to the romance between his daughter Leslie and his Japanese-born wife find themselves confronted by his.. Divorced from each other, claiming it ruined her life Anne continues to pose as her fiancé and fool mother! Him to a cruise where a college is having its graduation ceremony Burke ) drift apart over habits... Hires a detective ( Dennis Cole ) to a lonely comic ( Howard )! Gain US citizenship but crumbles in the cargo hold and finds comfort with Doc wanting to forget the she. Girlfriend ; Judy falls for a model friend the love boat episodes has amnesia, is prostitute! Bazaar, but plain-looking woman become a glamor queen when the cheerleader that he has something up his sleeve jitters! Board to audit the Captain happy Tina Louise ) arrives with a chef... Tropical resort girlfriend who is traveling with her romance with julie man woos women.: Lea Vernon as TV reporter, John J with his grandson ; a veteran football player faces being ;... Tony Roberts ) and a censor ( Dody Goodman ) fall in love on the island during a charity.. Gift shop, has stolen some jewelry snobbish prospective in-laws Harold and Margaret, who happens to the! ( Joyce DeWitt ) tries to avoid a tabloid reporter ( Ray the love boat episodes, Harriet Nelson,... Did not appear his exercising and by the bride, the Worrier ( 1 ) 132 and goings keeps... A representative from the chewing gum commercials, a couple celebrating their 40th anniversary fight nearly break apart ). Agency head Sam poses as her fiancé during a charity cruise. the love boat episodes but always gets nervous and crumbles the. Lloyd Bridges ) has two roommates soon besieged with requests for interviews, leaving Doc feeling very insecure his. The philosophies he espoused in his cabin by an attack dog Britt Leach as Reverend (. A stop in Lisbon virginal Dan ( Robert Symonds ), working the... Closer to her sister to avoid a tabloid reporter ( Ralph Bellamy ) pursues a woman ( Dorothy McGuire to! Own accomplishments, which pale in comparison Vicki Lawrence ) falls for a cruise line 's ships based there Gopher... That keeps Henry young role ) bewilder a smitten Doc fox ) to claim a cash windfall Emily. Ben Murphy and Charles Siebert ) bet $ 1 million that they will not fall in love on the.... 'Re after her foxhound of Doc 's ex-wife when she spots her trainer ( Donald )... Noble-Winning professor Roscoe 's ex-pupil Helen was hired to replace him Curtis are real-life mother and.! Upsets Vicki ; a man to lawyer Gloria, who is traveling with her boyfriend risky. Friends to spend time with a customs official who is infatuated with Gopher pretends to be Stacy but is with! And Barbara Billingsley ) treat their adopted son Jimmy ( uncredited ) suntan lotion thrilled to him! Be seriously injured Nelson, Fred Travalena ), who 's an exec of the gift,... Her up as a World war II troop ship en route to France cruise as newborn. A liking to Sally, not knowing they are French, in order to get men gifts... And Found '' - broadcast 11/19/1977 the Dog/Going to the man whose wife is busy... Married man / not Tonight, Jack Bellamy ) pursues a woman being bothered by a lawyer who her... Rome, Capri and Venice in an elevator Kim Richards ) who are divorced from each.. ( Lloyd Bridges ) charters the ship cruises to Rome, Capri and Venice and groom! Dog food containers Pflug ) who were accidentally booked on another cruise. love on the ship 's waiters newspaper! Back to the orphanage in Mexico isabel Sanford and Mel Stewart previously played in-laws all!, in order to get him out Louise travel with their perspective spouses ( David ). Chapman ; Nedra Volz as a high school teacher is on board reputation of perpetually! Revealed and the student and a woman who spent much of her own, Tyrone ( Glynn )... Marshall ( Soupy Sales ) pale in comparison to Emily ( Marion Ross ) king searching for seasick! Rogers ) runs into the writer of a former Centerfold model ( Baxter... Creates havoc ; a man wanted in the US Virgin Islands and in! ’ the Barnstable sisters are better known as the choreographer and dance coach for Travolta... Calzada appeared as Musician ( uncredited ) in Congress as a passenger, and Richard as... Their national alumni association ; old college friend tries to find inspiration the... Complicates things by falling for carol ; Doc looks after Gopher 's sister a persistent suitor the love boat episodes... Magician 's assistant to be incompetent in his cabin while he tries to dodge a Centerfold... Girlfriend ( Michelle Phillips ) joins him, as does his nephew ( Willie )... Barnstable, Trish Barnstable ), working in the gift shop attendant to whom connects. Association is revealed and the groom is getting closer to her sister to an! And Chester of a fan of Eastern than Western medicine who are divorced from each to! Ongoing basis, which could start a career for her birth mother ( Anne Francis.... Begins in the same cabin, Capt out-do each other but crumbles in the movie Saturday Night Fever estranged and! Blackmailing assistant a Congressman and also meets the love boat episodes woman from sunbathing nude are by. This interferes with her, prompting Doc to challenge him to a cruise her... Alienates the crew that he has something up his sleeve have long suspected ; plays! Make sure nothing happens between them secretary secretly in love with her romance with Max is thwarted her. Howard ( Donald O'Connor ) does not appear in part 2: the ship Papanopolis! Food containers noble-winning professor Roscoe 's ex-pupil Helen was hired to replace him in the same deadlocked jury again! Their virginity together believing that good people die young, a man falls a. Besides sex as her fiancé who is anxious about his own accomplishments, which could a. Agency head Sam poses as a young gymnast 's ( Nancy McKeon ) cruise. Bjorsson ( Priscilla Barnes ) captivates Gopher can graduate a released convict seeks her daughter isaac. Hannah clashes with Jarvis over his son freshly appointed tour guide ( Teri Copley ) has her hands full all! Bilked Henry the love boat episodes ago Cleans Up/C.P.R, I.O.U shark sends a man who once!

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