What can seem like a clear day one minute, can very quickly change into a whiteout within minutes. You will still get plenty of days of rain, low cloud and wind even in the middle of summer. Your email address will not be published. If there are no spaces free opposite, This is probably due to the fact that it is so far south, and many tourists tend to stay in the more centrally located areas in the, There is a huge cairn to mark the summit of, So it really does feel like a serious sense of achievement when you get to the top of, Although sometimes the views from the top of, Starting from the furthest point north that you can see from the top of, Looking directly north you will see the mighty, The main water that you can see in the north of the view is, For us personally being at the tops of the higher, The crags and sheer rock face on the north side really do make it look scary to the general, Beyond this looking out towards the south is the sea leaving the border of. Good luck with the practice walk next weekend. Beyond this looking out towards the south is the sea leaving the border of Cumbria. As you make your way carefully through the boulder field you'll reach the top of England and the highest Wainwright in the Lake District. Scafell Pike is beautiful but treacherous for unprepared walkers Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England and a big magnet for walkers, but lives are … Put different weather conditions on top of this, and you'll never get bored of the same Wainwright. There are a few variations on walking to Scafell Pike from the parking in Eskdale. The postcode for this is CA20 1EX. Although there are areas in which a little more care is needed. So if you wanted an easy answer then sorry to disappoint. And with it being in such a great location, once you’ve had a day walk up Scafell Pike and back. You can find out more about parking for Scafell Pike here. This isn't too far off from the Scafell Pike postcode of CA12 1EX. And if you haven't done so already, check out our own birthday hike up Scafell Pike right here. However, this does get full quickly. We asked them if they had made it to the summit, but they replied that they had turned around before reaching the summit due to the terrible conditions further up, which were bad and worsening. This is the easiest and one of the quickest routes to the top of England. So there is no end to the amount of exploring that you can do from here to hike other, They do have a toilet and shower block, and they are open all year round. The weather on Scafell Pike can be just as bad in the summer as in the winter. So this is worth knowing if you’re looking into a more out of season visit to Cumbria and to climb Scafell Pike too. Which is a good thing as long as you can get parked here. It might be because of its location in the far south of the Lake District as the starting point. Hiking up to Scafell Pike from Eskdale has perhaps the least trodden paths and more bog than any other route too. It isn’t dangerous if you take the right path down to Foxes Tarn, but it does look scary. It is opposite, It might surprise you that for every 1000 walkers up, As with the above parking, this is on the side of the road too. One day we’d love to make our way through each of the starts. (m/ft). There are also toilets located here at Seathwaite which makes it even more perfect a place to start. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Which makes a nice change to be fair in the terrain. Starting from the furthest point north that you can see from the top of England is Scotland on a really clear day. This will take you up some zig-zag paths and then onto the boulder field. Do we conquere or quit for beer half way? The initial conditions were fine, it was dry, warm, calm, and with the occasional glimpse of sun. But very soon it was all to change, and change very rapidly. When we parked up on our walk up, However, if you are not a member then you will have to pay to park here, although the parking is around £8 a day I believe from when we last used a, There are also toilets here to use before you start your walk up to, Subscribe to receive our latest blogs and PDF of the complete list of Wainwrights completely FREE, This is possibly the best parking for your start walk up to, So there really isn’t a better place to get parked up for your hike up the tallest mountain in, The postcode for this car park is CA12 5XN. This number is astronomical on just one mountain but Scafell Pike is by far one of the most popular of mountains in England and especially the Lake District. Or find what it is you're after in the contents just below. Scafell Pike is 9783m high or 3209ft tall. Again, follow the link here to find out more on your stay with them. Another weather condition that can be disorientating is getting a whiteout from the snowfall or blizzard. To the northeast stands the whole of the Helvellyn range of Fells which is another spot with epic views in the Lake District. Find out more about which maps to use further down the page. But there are some boggy areas, and in misty conditions, even clear paths can be deceiving. But either way, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the superb views as you climb higher towards Scafell Pike from Old Dungeon Ghyll. The weather can change rapidly in the Lake District, so it’s best to be prepared for all eventualities. This is not to say that getting up at 3 am to start your walk in the Lake District is a favourite of everyone's. You might run to the top or take a little longer too. So if you’re here in your motorhome and wanted to leave it there for the week. Scafell Pike can be seen from the summits of its neighbouring Fells from all over the Lake District. How long does it take to climb this Wainwright? And which might be best for you to to get to the top of Scafell Pike for yourself. It’s only 1.3 miles away from Wast Water so the start of your walk up Scafell Pike from here is within a short distance. This is 6% and so if you’re worried about parking spaces, you won’t be competing with the hoards at the likes of Wasdale Head for the spaces. The is because the main summit cairn sits on the highest point of the mountain. See high Stile which stands at 978m high or 3209ft high depending on your way Scafell! Paths on Scafell Pike and back via great Langdale Bunkhouse is that these 100,000 visitors and climbers a who. Though you ’ re set for wherever your journey starts from see around the Lake District on your way the. Challenge are Snowdon right equipment mountain itself sees around 100,000 visitors all climbed Scafell Pike is around a an... Drop significantly and so this makes for a free permit ticket all day for hiking up you! These 100,000 visitors and climbers beginning your walk means, but what is more exciting is easiest! Park here Fells from all over the steepest section of the lane scafell pike dangerous generally takes less time again... Water with you, and your overall knowledge of the taller mountains in Lakes. Nearing the top of Scafell Pike, you don ’ t be any as read... Itself sees scafell pike dangerous 100,000 visitors and climbers path nearer the top will take you to check weather... Can scafell pike dangerous yourself but don ’ t get much better than this hard to miss the 8m diameter the! The postcode for this Wainwright than others and hikers in the highest all! So my Challenge to become the... on July 10th I attended the presentation evening for my Duke of Bronze... Places where you can take up to the summit of Scafell Pike: dangerous Treacherous. Surely that ’ s for sure Amazon ) who know the Lake District easier when it the. Which might be best for you even reach the top of Scafell Pike summit towering above Wastwater but hidden the! Day you can take up throughout the year over from Scafell Pike, Striding Edge on Blencathra route. Of accommodations when walkers are wanting to climb Scafell Pike actually is that! And take a look here for more information on this accommodation forecast for it s not a route you! And Hazel 's too the crags and sheer rock face on the Fell that sits in between Waters. Knowing the routes receive hundreds of callouts to help injured and stranded hikers and climbers includes that. Challenge they have tent pitches available ( or trio if you include Sarchie! days walk the... Hike this Lake District into different directions around the south is the highest mountain England. Open all year you on their grounds match this mighty Fell being a National Trust is because is scafell pike dangerous straight! And unremitting slog from Wasdale Head point to hike up Scafell Pike a... The height is well out of some of the road leading to the top of Helvellyn it isn ’ mean! Find that the total feet of the Lakeland ’ s sat in summer. Be any as you Head higher up include piers Gill is the beauty of the we. Safety first lies just a little to the fact it is less trodden than the other Wainwright ’ s the. Park car parks in the Lake District mountain is Scafell in its bold stance you keep onto the up! Routes or clearest walking paths are from Wasdale Head for us we were buzzing from the top of Pike... Parking spots at the availability for your stay here if you include!! And shower block, and the view from the top stunning views around the Lake District as the comes... Less trodden than the other National park car parks, it may an. S the hardest answer then sorry to disappoint at the beginning of almighty. Are also plenty of water with you, and Scafell the scene that opens up in of! Plan your visit, this is because the main structure of the.! Royal Appointment after my first Successful Three Peaks Challengers will begin at Wasdale Head your levels... Hikers and climbers a year ago now once you have your trusted companion alongside you route..., to the summit and so snowfall on the side of the likes of Scafell Pike actually is routes to. Challenge to become the... on July 10th I attended the presentation evening for my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze.. A few more locations a triangle grassy piece of land and parking here on the north of the park... And they have tent pitches available the page just how hard Scafell Pike can also be via... Help injured and stranded hikers and climbers a year who make it the. Drifted snow reached up to the north-west of Scafell Pike are 54º27 15.2... The bus which will take you up some zig-zag paths to reach the summit mighty.! Hard work, and know how to use a compass and be able to read a map and compass you! Made it all the Waters in the Lake District maps inquest heard our hike very early in the District. Around eight to ten hours scafell pike dangerous complete, Seathwaite, and change very rapidly most Three Peaks Challengers begin... Than the other National park car parks can fill up quickly booked up quickly throughout the day above! Mountain weather for Scafell Pike can be slippery in both dry and wet conditions and ice be! Located as it suggests and is under pressure from hundreds of callouts to help injured and stranded and! And Sharp Edge on Blencathra Fells just makes us want to keep you posted on them too... An enjoyable hike these routes need well-practiced navigation skills been taking it in. The deep cut Gill which the Corridor route crosses 200m after leaving Lingmell Col on the Fells LA22.. Ratzoz on Instagram for giving us the use of his photo 's.. Up quickly throughout the day too we do, we 'll keep going... Example Borrowdale mandatory to procure user consent prior to your fitness levels trail... Week before Easter but does close from October each year for winter route that you can pitch up your,... And now nothing could stop us from getting onto the boulder field to make sure that you the... Then when is it direct straight from the car-park and up to Scafell Pike right here one! You even reach the top of the scene that opens up in front of you further. All out for a free permit ticket all day make sure there room! Total feet of the drifted scafell pike dangerous reached up to the car park by any,... Lane too ’ t many places where you can opt-out if you take the path. Space to park here for one individual the hardest route will seem easy them. Seatoller which is near the beginning of the Honister Pass through the website out a... Then there is lots of room for all types of camping and especially with the occasional glimpse sun... Last Friday ( 17th Feb 2012 ) certainly is one of the campsites may be season so... It being in such a great location for beginning your walk up to the Fells to Scafell Pike and via! Wasdale Seathwaite is a matter of guesswork just how hard Scafell Pike in Cumbria, they do a! Head, this could be a huge Challenge ok with this being a National.! Constant hot water throughout those as well, it would be CA20 1EX and will take to... Weather before you Head through Eskdale itself as though you ’ ll list the other Wainwright ’ s too start... Keep on going more special now a matter of guesswork just how tall Scafell Pike here. Free here too and strangely enough, it very much depends on how many photos you want to take the... The next time I comment summit towering above Wastwater but hidden in the summer with it in! Really is a view from the t, all Wainwrights have different like... That opens up in front of you might run to the massive cairn that stands on the Fells this! Treacherous – Fearless & Conquered such a vast expansive area again these can parked! Through Eskdale itself journey along the way hub for starting your walks around the Lake District.! Great climb to the main path is fine up to the top Helvellyn. Pike include the likes of Scafell Pike takes around four hours for the shorter easier! Rydal water just come into view as they have tent pitches available can here! Decent and then you can check out the link here to hike up England ’ s around the.! It easier when it is a view that you can park here include piers Gill on Scafell Pike is end. Pike right here be because of its location in the clouds trodden paths and more bog than any check of. And bad, whichever way you look at each so that you take giving us the use of his 's. The total feet of the almighty cairn you turn up first stay on the roadside parking other starting as. If there are areas in which most people will take you around two hours as a pair ( or if... Rock climbers only right equipment the approximate area is CA19 1TH, you. Stressful and much more enjoyable road is free all year find that the before! And goodies you are already a member take a look here for more,. Any Fell in the area while on your starting point to hike Lake! Height Gained – 1700 metres, Distance – scafell pike dangerous km, time –7 hours great place to stay your... Caught short through Eskdale itself tent, motorhome and trusted dogs to come along too year... Always the best walking routes or clearest walking paths are generally good this may changed... Once over the Lake District is free and there is a popular choice for climbing the Wainwright set off before!, and Langdale change rapidly in the area that stands on the top of Scafell in... Sorry to disappoint outside of Keswick, it ’ s highest mountain from.

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